So you think you’re ready for college?

  • What are the “do’s and don’ts” when interacting with a professor or teaching assistant? Inappropriate or unprofessional communication in these situations can send the wrong message and create major problems.
  • How do I choose or change a major, sign up for classes and work with an academic adviser? Dropping or taking unnecessary courses can mean thousands of dollars down the drain and countless hours of wasted time.
  • What are the differences between traditional, hybrid, online, and flipped courses? A student lacking success strategies for the different types of modern course formats can dig a huge hole early in a semester that can be difficult to climb out of.
  • How do I get the most out of campus services? The number of support services has mushroomed in recent years on just about every college campus.  Knowing how to use them is critical.  After all, you’re paying for them!


Dr. Cubbage covers these topics and many, many more in his workshop “So you think you’re ready for college?  Strategies for avoiding wasted time, resources and money for first-time and returning college students.”  Dr. Cubbage holds a Ph.D. in higher education administration and has taught at the undergraduate and graduate level at four colleges and universities.  He has also worked in industry.

His engaging mix of insight, experience and humor is a hit with students and parents alike.   Dr. Cubbage’s workshop is a must for anybody headed to college!