"I had no idea that taking one class from Dr. C would transform my life.  Sure, I learned the course material, but so much more.  He also taught the class about professionalism day in and day out.  Had I not taken his class I don’t know if I would have gotten into and completed nursing school, and I fall back on his advice in the workplace all the time."

-Amy T., former student


“I succeeded Dr. Cubbage as science department chair a few years ago.  I had never been in management before and didn’t really consider myself a leader.  However, I quickly realized how much I had learned about leadership while I reported to him and he was mentoring me – how to handle tough situations, how to solve problems, and how to gain trust.  I hope so many more can benefit from what he has to offer.”

 -Brian L., leadership protégé


"If you have chosen to seek guidance from Kent Cubbage regarding you or your child's collegiate goals, you have chosen well. Dr. Cubbage is not only a proficient researcher and well-respected teacher in the field of higher education, he is also a fantastic guide who can help you in immeasurable ways while you attempt to navigate the tricky and often unseen aspects and pitfalls of the college experience. I highly recommend Dr. Cubbage to anyone who is interested in learning to make the most of the college."

-Dr. Paul Leslie, Psychology Professor, Psychotherapist and Author